DTRH is headed to the Wild wild west...

Performance Dates

Friday May 8 @ 7pm

Kidlet A (Mondays) , Mezzo A (Mondays)

Jr. Soloist A (Mondays)

Major, Glee Club & Soloists

Saturday May 9 @ 12pm

Kidlet A (Mondays), Mezzo A (Mondays)

Jr. Soloist A (Mondays)

Major, Glee Club & Soloists

Saturday May 9 @ 7pm 

Kidlet B (Wednesdays), Mezzo B (Wednesdays),

Jr. Soloist B (Wednesdays)

Major, Glee Club & Soloists

Sunday May 10 @ 3pm 

Kidlet B (Wednesdays), Mezzo B (Wednesdays),

Jr. Soloist B (Wednesdays)

Major, Glee Club & Soloists


  • Tickets are $15 each and everyone attending that requires a seat must have a ticket

  • Ticket Order forms can be found online on March 2, 2020

  • Please fill out additional order forms should you need more tickets

  • If you need to change your ticket order, please email us at downtherabbitholetheatreco@gmail.com

  • Order forms are due by Wednesday April 1, 2020

  • Order will be ready for pick-up and payment before and after classes beginning Monday April 6, 2020. You will have three weeks to pick up your tickets.

  • Cash or debit tap transactions under $100 only please

Costumes and Make-Up

  • Costumes will be distributed during week #8 

  • Please make sure you have given us your child's correct costume size. (Think about what size they will be in May 2020)

  • HAIR: Ponytail or French Braids or as their character requires

  • MAKE-UP: Actors will be required to wear stage make-up based on their class/role in the performance

  • Shoes: Black or white converse style running shoes.

Performance Day Procedures

  • During our performance days each class will have different required call times. The time your child is required to be there will depend on which class they attend. Times are still TBD and will be sent to you  prior to our performance dates. The times will range from 2 hours (for solo characters) to only ½ before curtain (for kidlets)

  • Children under 9 yrs old must have a parent or guardian attending or volunteering at each performance.

  • Children must arrive in costume and make-up. If help is needed in applying make-up we will have volunteers to assist on arrival.

  • Majors & Sr. Soloists must enter through the “stage door” which will be the side entrance of the community centre. This is the same entrance you drop your children off for classes. Mezzos, Glee Club and Jr. Soloists enter via the Lion's Room dressing room.

  • Patrons of the show will enter through the front of the hall during performance days.

  • During intermission one parent or guardian must collect your child and assist in bathroom runs, costume fixes etc.

  • After performances end you will collect your child from the stage and backstage area.


Our show is successful because of great parent volunteers like yourselves!

If you would like to volunteer during our performance please do so at the bottom of your ticket order form. A volunteer email will be sent out at the beginning of week #9.

Positions include:

  • Front Door

  • Ushers

  • Raffle Ticket Sales

  • Assistant Stage Manager

  • Kidlet Volunteer (to sit with class during performance)

  • Mezzo Volunteer (to sit with class during performance)

  • Lighting and Sound