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Sr. Leads *Audition Required*


$375+ HST + $75 costume fee


11+ yrs

About the Class

Actors in the Sr. Leads class will train to become triple threats as they transform into the quirky characters of Wonderland for our spring production! Throughout our 10 weeks of rehearsals, actors will gain creative confidence, improve their vocals, dancing and stage knowledge, as well as make new friends! Our Sr. Leads will learn vocals with our musical director, rehearse choreography & scene blocking and work together as an ensemble to tell the story of of Alice in Wonderland through all original songs!

Our Sr. Leads class is recommended for actors who feel very comfortable on stage and have some prior experience singing, acting or dancing.

We have 22 roles available to cast in our Sr. Leads class. Actors looking to gain entry into Sr. Leads must attend our open call auditions on Sunday February 12th. Because the roles are limited in this production, not all actors who attend our open call auditions will be cast.

We will be casting larger roles and characters within this class based on audition performances. Once you have submitted your registration, you will be sent a link to an audition form. You will be asked there to indicate if you would like to be considered for a main character role in our production. There will be an audition fee of $15 per actor due in person at open call.

Production rehearsals will culminate in a performance run beginning on Thursday June 1 and running until Saturday June 3rd. Actors cast in Sr. Leads will perform in a matinee and evening performance on each day during our 6 show run. They will perform multiple musical theatre numbers and have lots of time onstage in scenes and songs. Sr. Lead actors must be able to fully commit to our rehearsal schedule and performance run before accepting their role. *Please note that our dress rehearsal and productions do take place during school hours on May 31-June 2*

$75 costume fee due at registration
$375+HST tuition due February
$25 script fee due first day of rehearsal

Class times & dates

Mondays & Wednesdays beginning March 20 & March 22
Mondays 7:30pm-9:30pm | Studio 89
(not all characters are required at every Monday rehearsal. Once actors are cast, they will receive a more detailed schedule)
Wednesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm | Studio 89

There will be no rehearsal on Easter Monday April 10th or Wednesday April 12th

Week #10 Final week dress rehearsals (Monday May 29 & Wednesday May 31) will take place at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre.

Wednesdays May 31st dress rehearsal will run from 9am-4pm. There will be no evening classes this night for Sr. Leads.

Sr. Leads will perform in both a matinee and evening performance on Thursday June 1st, Friday June 2nd & Saturday June 3rd for a 6 show total run.

Can't wait to see you down the rabbit hole

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