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Glee Club


$285 + HST + $75 Costume fee OR $150+ HST (as an add on class)


7-18 yrs

About the Class

Prepare for an exciting musical journey as the Glee Club, under the expert guidance of our musical director Greg Kennedy, embarks on a 10-week vocal training adventure. In addition to focusing on individual vocal development, the Glee Club emphasizes the importance of working together as an ensemble to create a harmonious and spectacular performance. Actors will not only learn two musical numbers but also master the art of harmony, collaborating seamlessly to bring forth a captivating mashup of #1's and one-hit wonders from the 2000s era. The culmination of their collective efforts will shine in four dynamic shows as part of our production, "Born to Rock 2." Glee Club is recommended as an add on class for Jr & Sr. Leads. (Although not required) If you are only interested in taking Glee Club, the cost is $285 + HST. If Glee Club is an ADD on class the fee is $150 + HST

Class times & dates

Wednesdays beginning March 20, 2024
7:30pm-8:30pm | Studio 89

Week #10 Final week dress rehearsal (Wednesday May 29) will take place at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre

Glee Club will perform in an evening performance on Thursday May 30, Friday May 31 and both matinee and evening performance on Saturday June 1st.

Can't wait to see you down the rabbit hole

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