The Sanctuary Centre for the Arts
290 Ridge Rd N
Ridgeway, L0S 1N0

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Mondays @ The Crystal Ridge Community Centre, 99 Ridge Road S, Crystal Beach

4-4:45 pm : Kidlet A

5-6 pm: Jr. Soloist A

6-7pm: Mezzo A 

7-9 pm: Major 

Wednesdays @  Sanctuary Centre for the Arts, 209 Ridge Road N, Ridgeway

4-4:45 pm: Kidlet B 

5-6 pm: Mezzo B 

6-7 pm: Jr. Soloist B 

7-8 pm: Glee Club 

8-9:30 pm: Soloist 

7yrs +

Calling all aspiring singers and dancers!  Are you constantly humming a tune wherever you go? Are your friends always asking you to stop singing so loud? Do your siblings call you a human ipod?  Join DTRH's Glee Club! Accompanied by our musical lead Greg Kennedy, actors will learn new harmonies, vocal techniques, vocal exercises and stage presence.  Actors will rehearse group songs from the musical theatre genres as well as learn basic choreography and theatre techniques.

Fall 2019 will take us on an exciting journey through the lands of our favorite classic stories!

Looking for a chance in the spotlight? Glee Club offers actors the opportunity for solos, duets and ensemble singing.

Glee is becoming our fastest growing class at DTRH! The spots are very limited in this popular class, so register early! Glee Club will be held Wednesdays in Ridgeway and is a great add on class for Mezzos & Majors who love to sing!

Please note: Glee Club will be required to perform in all four showcase performances.

11 yrs +*Requires Audition*


Our Soloist class will begin by challenging more advanced students to audition for larger roles within our end of session showcase performance.


Soloists will be asked to participate in a professional audition that will introduce actors to the casting process. During our 10 weeks of classes, students will develop their personal talents and gain confidence by taking the lead roles in our final performance.  Lead roles will include singing, acting, dancing and showcasing musical talents. Winter 2019 will be focused on the rock n' roll genre. Joined by our musical accompanist Greg, actors will work on vocals from rock songs.

Lots of acting roles needed!! Looking to fill roles for dramatic and comedic actors, dancers, musicians and  solo singers. Classes will be focusing on character work, movement, rock n' roll and singing.  Because of the level of commitment and difficulty we ask our soloists to be 11+ years. Soloists will perform in all four of our showcase performances.

7-10yrs *Requires Audition*

Jr. Soloist class will give the opportunity for our advanced younger stars to shine! Because of the limited number of spots available, our Jr. Soloists will be asked to participate in a professional audition.


This will introduce our younger actors to the audition process. Throughout the 10 weeks of classes our Jr. Soloists will learn solos, duets and group numbers to perform in our final showcase performance.  Classes will be focusing on triple threat numbers which will include elements of dancing, character work and singing to tell a story.  Because of the level of commitment and difficulty we ask our Jr. Soloists to be focused and ready to learn new theatre techniques. There will be an A and B class this year held on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Jr. Soloists will perform in two of our showcase performances.

Ages 4-6yrs

Children will play, sing, laugh and learn their way through 10 high energy weeks of fun! Fostering your child's imaginative talents, our 45 minute classes are dedicated to allowing your child to simply be a kid and "ACT OUT".  In these sessions we will introduce and develop various elements of theatre such as stage presence, voice and body control, the power of emotion, performance, and the importance of play. 

Classes will focus on acting, singing and dancing. In Fall 2019, we will be exploring popular children's picture books

Your child will be performing in two of our showcase performances in November 2019.

There will be two classes offered this session. Kidlet classes often fill up quickly- so register early!

Actors MUST be 4yrs old at the start of our program on

September 9th, 2019.

Ages 7-9 yrs

Our Mezzo class will learn essential theatre techniques that will help them onstage and in life. This 10 week session will have students working as an ensemble to create performance pieces using basic dramatic elements. Through co-operative games, workshops and imaginative play, students will develop confidence and explore their creative talents. Students will have an opportunity to show off their talents in 2 shows of our final showcase performance.  Mezzo students will learn the importance of storytelling through song, acting techniques and dance. 

There will be TWO Mezzo classes offered this session one at the Crystal Ridge Community Centre and Wednesday's at the Sanctuary in Ridgeway. Children interested in attending Mezzo & Glee Club are encouraged to attend Wednesday's class. Actors auditioning for Jr. Soloist class can take either Monday or Wednesdays Mezzo class as they are back to back.

10 yrs +

Acting out is a great tool to build confidence, self esteem and poise. During this high energy 2 hour session, actors will be introduced to various forms and styles of theatre. Your actor will play games, improvise, perform scenes, explore co-operative theatre games, and work as an ensemble to build numbers for the showcase performance. In Fall 2019, actors will be exploring several new elements of theatre. This will include several workshop classes learning choreography and movement from an expert guest artist!  Not only do our Majors get to perform and explore their artistic talents...they also build amazing new friendships! Actors also looking to take on larger roles in our showcase performance should consider auditioning for our soloist class. Majors will be required to perform in all four of our showcase performances.