AGES 4&5

Mondays or Wednesdays


Children ages 4-5 yrs will play, sing, laugh and dance their way through 10 high energy weeks of fun! In our drama sessions we will introduce our young actors to various elements of theatre such as stage presence, voice and body control. Does your child love the spotlight? Broadway Babies is a great class to build confidence, self esteem and mindfulness through cooperative games, music and movement.  This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an all original movie musical! Our Broadway Babies will be swinging to the tunes of the 1940’s or jiving to music of the 1950’s!


Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50


Mezzo Drama

AGES 6-8

Mondays or Wednesdays


Our Mezzo class will learn essential theatre techniques that will help them onstage and in life. This 10 week session will have students working as an ensemble to create an original filmed performance piece. Through cooperative games, music and movement, students will develop confidence and explore their creative talents. Mezzo students will learn the importance of storytelling through song. Interested in a large role? Actors should consider auditioning for our JR. Threat program.  This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an all original movie musical! Our Mezzo class will be grooving to the tunes of the 1960’s. Peace, love and acting! 

Tuition $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50


Major Drama

AGES 9&10



Acting out is a great tool to build confidence, self esteem and poise. It also develops everlasting friendships! During this high energy session, actors will be introduced to various forms and styles of theatre. Your actors will play games, improvise, perform scenes, explore co-operative theatre games, and work as an ensemble. Our major drama class also prepares our students for further theatre development such as Sr.Acting or auditioning for our TRIPLE THREAT and solo programs.

This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an all original movie musical!

Our Majors will become 1980’s rock stars! 

Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50



NEW FOR 2021

AGES 11+ 



Attention all thespians!

Do you love musical theatre, but acting is truly your strong suit? Are you always writing and performing skits with your friends? Are you a triple threat actor who would love to perfect their acting skills? Our brand new Sr. Acting class will explore learning new techniques to aid in character development. We will also explore script writing, as well as student led directing and choreography. Actors taking this class will be assigned roles in our final filmed production.

This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an original movie musical!

Our Senior actors will be telling the story of the original musical movie “Alexa, play music”.

All parts and lines will be assigned the first day of class. Don't wait, ACT NOW!

Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50



Musical Theatre

AGES 13 +



School musical canceled? No in-person theatre classes happening this semester? Do you miss the stage and would love a place to showcase your skills?

Our newly developed *Teens Only* Musical Theatre class was designed with an older age group in mind. This class will sharpen triple threat actors skills through cooperative theatre games, acting exercises, new dance techniques and storytelling through song. Actors will learn and professionally record an all original song written especially for this session and take part in our filmed professional movie production. Don’t want to join solo? Invite your friends and participate together! Stop scrolling and do something EPIC in 2021! This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an all original movie musical!

Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50







Jr. actors who are looking to advance their performance are encouraged to audition for a JR TRIPLE THREAT spot.

( Formerly Junior Soloist class) With a limited number of spots our Jr. actors will be asked to submit a video audition. Please see audition requirements. 

Classes will be focusing on triple threat numbers which will include elements of dancing, character work and singing to tell a story.  Because of the level of commitment and difficulty we ask our students to be focused and ready to learn new theatre techniques.  This program culminates in a filmed final performance, a movie spectacular!

Our Jr. Triple Threats will become iconic 1920’s singers and dancers, discovering a whole new era of music and dance!

Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50






Senior actors looking to perfect  and showcase their performance skills are encouraged to audition for a SR TRIPLE THREAT spot (formally Sr. Soloist class). With an extremely limited number of spots available, Sr. actors will be asked to submit a video audition in order to gain entry to this advanced class. 

During our 10 weeks of classes, our Sr.Triple Threat actors will develop their personal talents and gain confidence by showcasing their performance skills in two original songs in our final filmed performance. Joined by our musical accompanist Greg, actors will work on vocals from original songs. Because of the level of commitment and difficulty we ask our soloists to be 11+ years, focused and share a passion for performing, dancing, singing and acting. This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an original movie musical! Our Sr. Triple Threats will be performing in two musical theatre video numbers 1970’s disco & Early 2000 rap! 


Tuition: $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50





Jr. or Sr. Soloist actors chosen from our video audition process will join an advanced class devoted to learning choreography, an all original song, professional recording and filming. This class will be comprised of the soloists we have selected this session. Each will be filming their own musical theatre music video. We will be selecting the following:


One solo- 1920’s jazz song

One duet- 2010 pop country song

One trio- 1950’s empowerment song

Small Group (5 actors)- 1990’s pop song

During this 10 week session, actors will work directly with A&A and musical director Greg to develop their vocal talents, dancing techniques and block their musical movie numbers. Actors chosen as soloists will be invited to also join Sr. or Jr.Triple Threat, should they choose to take both classes. (Although encouraged, this is not required). This program culminates in a filmed final performance, an original movie musical!

Tuition $200 + HST

Costume Fee $50



for more details.

Those looking to audition for a soloist role or for our Jr. & Sr. Triple Threat classes must submit a video auction by Saturday February 6, 2021. Auditions will be made up of three parts.


*jazz song of your choice
*pop country song
*song that makes you feel
*1990's pop song of your choice

You may sing two songs and act the third, or dance one and act out two numbers. We recommend trying one from each category!

*find the complete list of audition requirements on our webpage January 16th including song suggestions and audition tips!*

After reviewing all the video submissions (BOTH JR & SR) we will be selecting 1 solo, 1 duet, 1trio and 1 group of 5 to join our solo class. We will also be selecting students to join the Jr. & Sr. Triple Threat classes. You may be invited to join both classes.

We have a limited number of spots available for these classes so any videos submitted after February 6th will not be considered.

Be Brave- Be Confident

Rise Up!